Individuals who have had treatment a decade or more ago for spider veins remember the unpleasant burning sensation that used to be associated with sclerotherapy. That was because the sclerosing agent most commonly used at that time was saline solution, a medication that commonly caused pain and burning when administered. At Shore Vascular & Vein Center, we use the latest FDA approved sclerosing medications to treat unsightly spider veins on the legs. Asclera, the most common of those medications, does not cause burning pain. Therefore, the experience of sclerotherapy for the treatment of spider veins does not need to provoke fear or anxiety.

If you have spider veins and don’t want to feel self-conscious about showing your legs in the summer sun, get in touch with us at (609) 927- 8346 or go to We would be glad to provide consultation and discuss options for spider vein treatment. We can provide a number of remedies depending upon your current condition. Don’t put off spider vein removal any longer – we’re ready to start helping today!


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