While the most commonly used (and most effective) way to get rid of unwanted tattoos, laser tattoo removal may still seem a little sci-fi to most people. Pico second laser tattoo removal uses advanced technology to remove tattoos by delivering energy over very short time intervals. The laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink which then gets broken up into small particles. The body then eliminates the particles through its own natural immune mechanisms. The smaller the particles are, the more effectively they can be removed and expelled. It is known that shorter laser pulses – like those that come from Pico second lasers – are better capable of creating smaller particles and are therefore more effective in completely removing tattoo ink than lasers of longer intervals.

While this principle has been understood for a long time, the technology required to produce lasers capable of extremely short pulses has traditionally been very difficult to achieve. The lasers most commonly used for tattoo removal are known as Q-switched lasers. They deliver energy through pulses measured in nanosecond time intervals. While these Q-switched nanosecond lasers have been widely used in the US for tattoo removal, results have often been unsatisfying. It is not uncommon for as many as 15- 20 treatments, or more, to be required to obtain a final result with Q-switched lasers. And even then, results were often incomplete. Thankfully though, the advances in technology that were definitely needed have finally come.

The new enlighten™ laser

Finally, the barrier to even faster laser pulses has been broken. The newest, most advanced tattoo removal lasers now incorporate picosecond technology. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second – that’s 1,000 times faster than the nanosecond pulses used in older Q-switched lasers. Picosecond laser pulses are therefore much more effective in removing tattoos.

While we have been hearing a lot about picosecond laser technology recently, not all of these lasers are equivalent. The new enlighten™ laser is the only laser for tattoo removal that combines picosecond technology with dual wavelength lasers. In plain English, this means that the enlighten™ laser is able to treat tattoos of all colors, on all skin types, more completely and with fewer treatments than any other laser currently available. Typically, it can remove tattoos in 40% fewer treatments than Q-switched lasers. At Shore Vascular & Vein Center we use enlighten™ laser system because it allows us to better treat patients and deliver more desirable results in fewer sessions.

If you have a tattoo that you no longer want, whether it be because of a job opportunity, bad breakup or even worse decision, contact Shore Vascular & Vein Center. Dr. Jeffrey Gosin is among the best in Atlantic, Cape May, Camden, Cumberland, and Ocean County.  He will safely and comfortably remove your unwanted tattoo with a state-of-the-art enlighten™ picosecond laser. You’ll see your tattoo begin to fade within the first session, and the sooner you make your appointment, the sooner you’ll be rid of the offending ink. To schedule a session call (609) 927-3030. Stop regretting that tattoo and get in touch with us today.

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