Just In Time For Summer: Varicose Vein Treatment, Cape May County, NJ (also serving Atlantic County NJ, and Ocean County NJ) For more information, call us at (609) 927- (VEIN)8346 or go to GetGreatLegs.com.

No matter how you get varicose veins, the truth of the matter is that they can be painful, itchy, unattractive and all around uncomfortable. People suffering from varicose veins in the cities of Villas, Avalon, Ocean City, Cape May, Woodbine and others in Cape May County have a handful of solutions available that they may not have previously considered for getting rid of these pesky marks. While over-the-counter support stockings and dietary supplements are often advertised in various magazines, a trip to a New Jersey varicose vein treatment center such as Shore Vascular & Vein Center is recommended if you really want a solution to the problem. In visiting a specialized center, you’ll be able to speak to a vascular professional to determine the best course of action – whether it be a conservative treatment or something more definitive.

Cape May County residents can feel assured in knowing treatments for the unsightly, dark veins that can appear on the legs are readily available. Shore Vascular & Vein Center has the specialized equipment and properly trained and qualified board certified vascular specialist to perform all of the current state-of-the-art vein treatments. Two of the most common of these procedures are Venefit and microphlebectomy.

The Venefit procedure treats the underlying cause of varicose veins through a small catheter that is inserted into an abnormal leg vein. The catheter treats the vein with radiofrequency (RF) energy which causes the vein to collapse. This is very effective in reducing the symptoms of varicose veins, such as leg pain, burning, throbbing and itching. It is also effective in many people in improving the appearance of the leg veins. The procedure is minimally invasive. A standard surgical incision and sutures (stitches) are not required. The entire procedure is accomplished through a tiny needle opening that doesn’t need anything more than a small adhesive bandaid following the procedure. The recovery period for the treatment is very fast and most people can quickly get back to their regular lives in about a day. After the procedure, it’s recommended that patients wear special stockings for about a week. They are instructed to walk immediately following the procedure.

Another procedure – a microphlebectomy – uses a small instrument, called a hook to carefully remove the abnormal veins. As with the Venefit procedure, this method leaves little to no marks on the skin, but with a microphlebectomy, the varicose vein is removed entirely. Sometimes a Venefit procedure and microphlebectomy are both used in the same individual, depending on the specific problem. Residents of Cape May County, NJ, should consult with a vein specialist to determine the best course of action.

Summer is fast approaching so you should call or contact Shore Vascular & Vein Center soon. Call us at 609.927.8346 or go to GetGreatLegs.com. Regardless of the treatment method that is best for your case, you’ll be enjoying beach weather and feeling confident in the sun without the worry of troublesome varicose veins.

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