How the Pico Genesis™ Laser System Can Rejuvenate Your Sun-Damaged Skin

You probably spent a lot of time outdoors this spring and summer, trading your gym time for beach time and park time. If you remembered to wear your sunscreen from morning till night, and protected yourself with wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, good for you! You’re taking excellent care of your skin.

If not, you may have noticed that sun-damaged areas of your skin have gotten worse. Maybe your skin is sagging more than it did earlier in the year, or you have new brown spots.

Whether your sun damage is old, new, or a mixture of both, you don’t have to live with it anymore. Jeffrey Gosin, MD and our team at Shore Vascular and Vein Center erase sun damage by improving your skin with Pico Genesis™ laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

Why the sun’s not your skin’s friend

Although the sun is essential to life, when it comes to the appearance of your skin, it’s your worst enemy. Look in the mirror at the signs of aging that trouble you most. The sun’s behind almost all of them, including:

Aging skin is really sun-damaged skin. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) A and B rays change the DNA in your skin and break down essential support systems, such as the strands of collagen and elastin that keep your skin firm and flexible. Approximately 80% of all skin aging is caused by UV exposure.

Why lasers are your skin’s friends

Unlike UVA and UVB rays, the heat and light energy of a laser creates controlled damage that initiates skin healing, instead of skin breakdown. The Pico Genesis laser combines two wavelengths of light that the device delivers in ultra-short pulses that only last for picoseconds (one trillionth of a second). These short bursts of light create almost no heat. That’s why a Pico Genesis treatment tends to be easier to tolerate than other laser systems.

Pico Genesis is targeted

Unlike sunlight, which is diffuse and nonspecific, Dr. Gosin targets the Pico Genesis treatment based on your skin issue. If you have brown spots or visible veins, for instance, he calibrates the laser to break up the excess melanin (i.e., pigment) in your lesions or damaged veins.

The laser’s short pulses are controlled and precise. They break up the old, weak strands of collagen and elastin so that your body gets the message to produce fresh new collagen and elastin. The healing process also stimulates your skin to create new blood vessels that deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the rebuilt tissues.

How long does it take?

You spent years to decades (inadvertently) letting the sun wreak havoc on your skin, causing the damage you’re seeing now. Luckily, reversing the damage takes much less time than creating it. Just 20 minutes, in fact. 

If you need a second or third session to completely clear your sun damage and repair your skin, you’ll need to wait just a little longer. Your skin needs time to repair itself over the next few weeks, so you should space out your Pico Genesis sessions by about a month or two.

All told, 20-60 minutes spread out over a few months unravels the sun’s ill effects. As your skin rebuilds itself with new strands of collagen and elastin, and your body eliminates the excess pigment that the Genesis laser targeted, you’ll notice that your skin’s:

To set up your first Pico Genesis laser skin rejuvenation session, call us today at 609-297-5992, or use the handy online contact form.

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