How Lasers Can Treat Your Rosacea

How Lasers Can Treat Your Rosacea

Rosacea is a disease that affects the veins in your face, causing you to look permanently blushed, red, or rashy. Rosacea may also cause you to develop pustules and cysts that look like acne, thicken your skin, and deform the shape of your nose (a condition known as rhinophyma).

Jeffrey Gosin, MD is an expert vascular surgeon who resolves the facial redness, spidery veins, and acne-like lesions of rosacea with excel® V laser treatments by Cutera. He and our team at Shore Vascular and Vein Center in Somers Point, New Jersey want you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin by keeping it clear and bright with laser therapy. Here’s how. 

Lasers erase visible veins

One of the most disconcerting aspects of rosacea is how it can create a network of highly visible criss-crossing broken capillaries and other blood vessels around and on your nose and cheeks. These spidery types of broken veins — which look like a poorly woven web — are a sign that those blood vessels have malfunctioned and aren’t serving their purpose anymore.

Whether you have spider veins on your face, due to your rosacea, or on your legs or elsewhere, Dr. Gosin adjusts the excel laser to target the extra red, blue, or purple pigment in your broken veins. The laser’s energy is directed solely at the veins, and collapses them instantly.

You may notice you have fewer spider veins directly after your treatment. However, over the next few weeks, they fade even more, as your body absorbs the collapsed blood vessels. Although most women and men notice a 50%-75% improvement in visible facial veins after laser treatment, some have 100% clearance.

Lasers improve your skin

The regenerative powers of the excel’s laser energy have been used to rejuvenate sagging, wrinkled skin, making it healthier and more pliable. But even if you’re young and don’t yet have wrinkles or sags, the excel works with your body to make your skin stronger and less vulnerable to rosacea flares.

Laser therapy creates microwounds deep within the layers of your skin that instigate your skin’s own healing process. As your skin rebuilds itself with new collagen and elastin, it grows healthier and stronger.

The heat from the laser also helps reduce the thickened, rough skin that’s characteristic of rosacea. First, laser therapy helps reduce inflammation. Plus, since it makes your skin healthier, it’s less likely to respond to the triggers that cause your rosacea to flare.

Lasers help but do not cure

It’s important to note that while lasers remove visible veins, reduce flushing and pustules, and improve the quality of your skin, rosacea can’t yet be cured. In fact, researchers still aren’t sure what causes rosacea in the first place. However, rosacea does tend to affect Caucasians with light skin tones and to run in families.

To improve the quality of your skin and erase visible veins and other signs of rosacea, you may need a series of up to three laser treatments, with about 3-4 weeks between each session. Once your skin has improved enough to boost your confidence, book regular touch-ups to keep your good results. Thickened skin, especially, tends to return over time.

Improve your rosacea right now and keep it at bay with regular laser treatments. Phone us at 609-297-5992, or use the handy online contact form to request a facial vein and rosacea treatment today.

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