One of the most common concerns among individuals with varicose veins relates to the cost of treatment. Some people never seek varicose vein treatment because they are afraid that treatment will not be covered by their health insurance. This belief is often incorrect. Even though varicose veins cause a visible, often unsightly condition, many varicose veins are notjust a cosmetic problem. That is because they often cause physical symptoms, such as pain, leg heaviness, leg fatigue, swelling, skin itching and other symptoms. Furthermore, they can also cause other significant complications such as bleeding and phlebitis (blood clots.)

In addition to the varicose veins themselves, the condition is commonly associated with  an underlying vascular condition called venous reflux disease, or venous insufficiency.  This is a defect in the function of the valves in the leg veins. It is a recognized medical condition. Therefore, it is wrong to automatically assume that varicose vein treatment will not be covered by insurance. When physical symptoms or other complications are associated with varicose veins, many health insurance plans will cover a variety of different treatments.

At Shore Vascular & Vein Center, our Board Certified Vascular Surgeon, Jeffrey Gosin, M.D. is a leader in varicose vein treatment and other vascular conditions. He will take a detailed medical history and perform a thorough examination of your condition. We will obtain a venous Doppler ultrasound test in our IAC Accredited noninvasive vascular laboratory. Through this complete vascular evaluation, Dr. Gosin will identify the nature and underlying source of your problem, not just what is obvious to the naked eye. He will then completely review everything in detail with you and make recommendations based on the true nature of your problem, as well as your goals.  His treatment recommendations will address the underlying source of your problem. If his evaluation indicates that your condition is not just cosmetic, he will go over all of the treatment options with you.

Our insurance specialists will contact your insurance company, provide all of the necessary information, and work as your advocate to have the medically necessary treatment covered. You will be kept informed of the entire process and no treatment will be performed until we have received a response from your insurance company regarding coverage.

If, on the other hand, his evaluation indicates that your particular problem is simply a cosmetic one, he will first reassure you that there is not a serious underlying condition. If you are interested in pursuing cosmetic treatment, he will go over the available options for treatment with you. In these cases, we always inform our patients of all pricing information in advance of performing any treatment. It is impossible to state costs in an article like this, since everyone’s case is individual. However, in most cases, people tell us that the cost is less than they expected.

If you are suffering from the discomfort and appearance of varicose veins, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Gosin at Shore Vascular & Vein Center in Somers Point, N.J. We are the region’s premiere vascular and vein care center, serving Atlantic County, Cape May County, Ocean County, Cumberland County and the surrounding southern New Jersey region for more than 20 years.  We perform both “medical” and cosmetic treatments of all vascular conditions. Many treatments are covered by health insurance.  Call (609) 927-VEIN (8346) or visit us on the web at


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