Can Anything Be Done about My Facial Veins?

Spider veins and other visible veins on your face are a common, if unwanted, affliction. You’re more likely to develop facial veins if you’re over age 50, but they can occur at any time.  

At Shore Vascular and Vein Center in Somers Point, New Jersey, founder Jeffrey Gosin, MD and our team want your skin to look clear and attractive again. That’s why we offer effective facial veins treatments, including the excel® laser and sclerotherapy, to banish facial veins for good.

Why your veins appeared

Healthy, functional veins should be barely visible. When you notice broken capillaries spreading over your face and other areas of your body, that’s a sign that those blood vessels have been damaged and aren’t working well anymore.

You’re more likely to have visible facial veins if you have the skin condition rosacea, which tends to affect people who have fair skin. But you can have spider veins without rosacea. 

Nobody really knows for sure why some people develop spider veins, which are also called telangiectasias. Some risk factors for facial spider veins include:

You might also be more prone to develop spider veins if you have a disease that affects the health of your connective tissue, such as lupus or scleroderma. Spider veins tend to run in families. If you have them, chances are one or both of your parents do, too.

Even changes in the weather or in air pressure can damage your delicate facial veins. That’s another reason to bundle up warmly when the weather turns cold and blustery.

Your veins won’t go away by themselves

You can’t resolve spider veins or another type of facial vein abnormality — known as a port wine stain — on your own. The veins are underneath your skin and can’t be affected by topical solutions or chemical peels.

They may also be difficult to disguise with makeup. You could try using a green-tinted base under a skin-toned foundation to counteract the redness of the veins, but the red still might show through. You might also not be comfortable wearing makeup.

Visible facial veins are not needed

Spider veins and port wine stains are caused by damaged blood vessels that aren’t doing a good job of transporting your blood efficiently anymore. Dr. Gosin recommends removing facial veins to clear your skin and allow your circulatory system to reroute itself:


Sclerotherapy is most appropriate for larger facial veins and port wine stains. Dr. Gosin injects a special saline solution directly into the visible veins to irritate their lining. The veins shut down, and your circulation reroutes itself to healthy veins.

The excel V laser

Dr. Gosin directs the laser’s 532 nm energy directly to unwanted spider veins and port wine stains. The heat collapses the veins so that your body can resorb them and reroute your circulation. The excel has the added benefit of improving your skin if you have rosacea, too.

Your facial veins are immediately lighter and less visible after your treatment, but you may need a series of treatments to get the degree of clarity you desire.

To get rid of your unwanted facial veins, call us today at 609-297-5992, or use the handy online contact form.

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